Social Impact

Social Impact

As part of our efforts to keep “Blue is the New Green” in mind, there are 4 key areas that we actively practice sustainability.

ZUS Products

ZUS Coffee Blend

ZUS Coffee has partnered with renown Coffee Roaster, Coffex Coffee, and are committed to the practice of only procuring Direct Trade Beans. Any form of green bean procurement is done directly with the farmers of the beans and allows for quality, sustainability, and fairer prices that is then translated to the final cup that our customers pay for. Direct Trade helps farmers develop with us and have a more sustainable future & growth together

Plant-Based Milk Options

ZUS offers plant-based milk that are better for the health of consumers and the environment

ZUS Packaging

PET Iced Cups

Our iced cups are 100% recyclable

Cup Lids

Anti-spillage cup lid for those constantly on the go

Cup Sleeves

FSC certified raw materials

Zus Rice Straws

100% biodegradable
& turtle-friendly


ZUS Coffee App

Direct online to offline business model with just one app

•Order Pickup & Delivery at your fingertips

•100% paperless receipts and ordering process


Equal Opportunities

Creating equal career opportunities for all

ZURISTAS, Management Training Programs

There's no ZUS without "U" culture